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Experience the magic of LumniMarble™ Suspension Powder And Water Thickener, your essential tool for prepping water for marbling adventures. Crafted from a blend of food-grade ingredients, our innovative formula guarantees professional-grade results.


Unlocking a triple-action performance, our unique blend achieves three crucial tasks: densifying the water to support paint floatation, dispersing the paint evenly upon contact, and enhancing paint adhesion to your skin, resulting in vivid, long-lasting colors.


Each container of LumniMarble™ Suspension Powder And Water Thickener yields an impressive 25 gallons of solution – simply add water for instant marbling readiness. Plus, rest assured, our product is non-toxic, prioritizing safety without compromising on quality.

LumniMarble™ Suspension & Water Thickener - Makes 25 Gallons

$49.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
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