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LumniMarble Body Marbling Kits: Used By Professionals Worldwide

LumniMarble Body Marbling Paints are specifically designed to marble your body. Our professional high quality pre mixed paints will make your next body art party a success. You can choose from our bright LumniMarble Primary Colors paints or you may decide to go all out with our LumniMarble Glow In The Dark Fluorescent Paints that glow brightly under black lights. All the materials in our LumniMarble Body Marbling Kits are non-toxic.

Complete LumniMarble Body Marbling Kits

LumniMarble Complete Body Marbling Kits will have you marbling your body like a pro in no time. Benefit from expert guidance and step-by-step instructions, ensuring professional-quality results that will dazzle everyone. As fellow artists, we're committed to supporting you throughout your journey. Our assistance doesn't stop at the point of sale — we're here to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about the process. While our kits come with comprehensive instructions, feel free to reach out to LumniMarble via phone or our contact form for additional support.

complete body marbling kits
Do It Yourself Body Marbling Supplies

LumniMarble Body Marbling Supplies cater to customers experienced in body marbling. Purchasing our supplies in bulk offers cost-saving benefits, especially for those undertaking multiple body-marbling projects. Many of our clientele, who are seasoned body marbling enthusiasts, utilize LumniMarble paint for running booths at various events and gatherings. It's important to note that these paints and supplies are compatible with our complete kits as well.

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Our comprehensive kits come with all the essentials for the body marbling process. You'll only need to supply water and three containers: one for the LumniMarble pre-mix, one for the LumniMarble suspension solution, and one for the final rinse. To start, immerse your arms in the pre-mix and let them dry. Then, select a dropper filled with your preferred colors to float on the suspension solution and craft your design.

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Now, immerse your arm in the paint to craft a distinctive, temporary art piece. Once finished, dip your arms into the final rinse to eliminate any surplus paint. To remove the design, simply wash with soap and warm water.

Learn Body Marbling From The Pros

Due to high demand, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest e-book: “Body Marbling: The Complete Guide.” This comprehensive resource offers a detailed walkthrough of the entire body marbling process.

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